We learned how to interview…

Our Interview Practice

The #2018 8th grade class at Webster School
The 8th grade class of 2019 at Webster Elementary School has been working on various digital media skills

8th Grade Class

This Fall, the Fabulous 8th graders at Webster Elementary learned how to operate the cameras, the audio and to project their voices. We learned new skills such as interviewing and facing our fears. We discuss current events.

7th Grade Class

Hi, we are the Webster Wildcats. We are also the Royal 7th graders. Here are the fun interview clips we learned with the Westside Media Project. We practiced these skills with our instructors for the past four weeks. We shared our opinions and we want this video to show that it takes time to learn new skills.

6th Grade Class

We are the 6th-grade class at Webster Elementary working with The Westside Media Project to learn interview skills. These are trial and error clips to show that we are working to learn new material.

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