This week we explored a different culture… while learning about content creation.


The Day of the Dead is a day celebrated by the Mexican culture. I think this day is very spiritual because even if you aren’t apart of the Mexican culture, who wouldn’t love to see their family members that have passed on. The part that I don’t understand about this wonderful holiday is how they see the spirits. This holiday is similar to Halloween because they get candy and sweet treats and put on makeup. One tradition me and my family follow is on Christmas, we open our gifts at midnight. When I was at my old school, we had a Spanish teacher who celebrated Day of the Dead. They introduced us to a sweet Mexican bread called conchas which were delicious. I think this is a great holiday to show love for missed loved ones.

Happy Dia de Los Muertos,

Anthony (7th grade)

Dionna (7th grade)

Day of the Dead [Oct 31-Nov 2] is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, in particular, the central and south regions.

For Day of the Dead, the Mexican culture decorates with flowers, candles, pan de muerto, ceramic skulls, and most importantly, pictures of their loved ones. The food that the Mexicans usually eat is their famous bread that is called conchas. Anyway, the main purpose of this holiday is to celebrate the death of Mexican people’s loved ones.

Alyise (6th grade)

I think this holiday is very honorable to the people that love the ones they lost and will be able to feel their presence. I don’t understand the fact that other ethnicities do not celebrate or acknowledge this holiday.

Navaeh (7th grade)

This holiday is very similar to many holidays we celebrate here in America. The Day of the Dead happens the same day as the holiday we celebrate as Halloween. Why don’t Americans celebrate their people that passed on the same day as Mexican people do? My family celebrates the same things throughout the whole year, but not on Halloween.


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